Sunday, September 16, 2007


I was over at my friends' house tonight for dinner as I often am on Sundays, and was playing with their almost 2.5 year old, who I'll call Little Miss M. In the midst of a sort of stream of consciousness sentence, she says "I make peepee!" and this conversation ensues:

"Do you want to go make peepee on the potty?"
"Do you have a diaper?"
"Do you need your diaper changed?"

So, off we go upstairs to change the diaper. We meet Little Miss M's mom on the stairs and she says, "Oh, I'll do that." and Miss M says "No." and points at me. Luckily I interpret this as a sign of love and trust. Generally, I prefer diamonds, but she's 2. Diaper changing works for me. Except she lies! It was a poopy diaper!

Later, Little Miss M has been put to bed, but we hear a noise on the baby monitor. Her mom turns it up, and we hear humming. What tune? The intro music from Star Wars.

No wonder I love this kid!

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