Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ignorance must be bliss

First, I need to tell you about my car. I'm a liberal, anti-war, pro equal rights, pro GLBT rights Unitarian Universalist driving a 12 year old Honda. It should not surprise you to learn that I have bumper stickers espousing my positions on my car. The most recent addition is a rainbow bumper sticker that says "Celebrate Diversity", purchased from the social action table at a church service one Sunday. So I'm walking back to my car today after doing some food shopping, and from a distance, I can see a yellow sticky note on the driver's side window. It never occurred to me that someone had hit my car, or anything like that. No, my first thought was "I wonder what they thought of my stickers." The note said, and I'm spelling this exactly as they did, "DIVERISTY IS PERVERSITY! - Michael Savage" Well, I hope they were watching for my reaction, because I laughed out loud. Far from being offended, I was amused by the incredible ignorance behind the statement. All I could think was "Cool. I needed a good laugh, and now I have something to blog about." Diversity isn't just a fact of life, it IS life. A word to the wise for the right-wing - just because it rhymes doesn't make it a good motto.

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Sarah (from the jersey festival! in the dress!) said...

Yep, that blog did me in; you're in my bloglists now. :) Good luck with that, girl. I just got a new car and have to start decorating ALL OVER AGAIN, which is sort of fun, sort of crap, really. :)